About Argyle Pink Diamonds

About The Argyle Diamond Mine


The location of the Argyle diamond mine is in the remote Kimberly region of Western Australia and is home to the world’s most exquisite and rare pink diamonds. The mine is world famous for its pink diamonds. These diamonds are smaller by nature but absolutely beautiful to behold and come in a variety of intensity from fancy light pinks to deeper purplish pinks.

What Makes Argyle Pinks Special?

What makes Argyle pink diamonds so special is that 90% of the world’s pink diamonds come from The Argyle mine. That may seem like a lot, yet an entire year’s worth of production in diamonds over .50 carats would fit into the palm of your hand. The larger and rarer violet stones would barely fill a teaspoon. Argyle diamonds possess unparalleled beauty, prestige and are very difficult to procure. For this reason they have become cherished by adoring collectors and investors around the globe. With the mine set to close around 2018, these diamonds will become increasingly scarce and therefore more valuable for investors and collectors alike.

The Argyle Tender

Every year the Argyle Tender is released and displayed in key cities around the globe. It is here that a select group of diamantaires have access to this wonderful collection. They then partake in a silent bidding process in an attempt to acquire their favourites.  It is generally understood in the industry that the bidding always starts higher than the previous year.

To learn more about argyle diamonds you can do so at the argyle pink diamond site.