About Natural Fancy Color Diamonds

About Color Diamonds
Guildhall Diamonds offers Investment Grade Rare Natural Fancy Color Diamonds.

It is important for Guildhall to assist clients learn about color diamonds. Guildhall Wealth Inc. prides itself on excellence. By educating our customers we can instill an appreciation for the quality of the diamonds Guildhall offers.

Founded in 2007 Guildhall by President Paul Wiseman Guildhall has  worked hard and established partnerships with the finest diamond cutters and polishers in New York, Tel Aviv and around the world.

All rare diamonds offered by Guildhall are evaluated by GIA and come with full certification.  This is the first thing that we educate about color diamonds. Certification ensures that each color diamond can be easily identified and insured against damage, loss, or theft. Rare color diamonds like the ones offered by Guildhall are often purchased by individual collectors, connoisseurs, and investors.

Guildhall Diamonds cares about where its products come from. Their socially-conscious investment policies ensure that all of the diamonds they purchase are completely conflict-free. They carefully adhere to all United Nations Resolutions and the Kimberly Process to ensure that their diamonds are ethically purchased and of the highest quality.

As a family owned business, Guildhall Diamonds understands the need to offer their products at a competitive price. As such we consistently offer superior pricing for value on all of their diamonds. Each color diamond is hand-picked by president Paul Wiseman. All diamonds can be purchased loose or in set in a jewelry piece. These rare assets can serve multiple generations. Rare color diamonds like these could provide families with lasting value helping to ensure their economic future.

Diamonds offered by Guildhall come in a wide range of colors and cuts. This way we try to offer diamonds that can fit a wide range of budgets as well. Guildhall Diamonds Inc. is committed to educating families and individual purchasers to increase their personal wealth. It is our goal to assist clients to purchase diamonds that are affordable.It is Guildhall’s goal to ensure that anyone can find and purchase investment-grade quality diamonds.

Guildhall Diamonds is committed to assisting customers learn all they can about natural color diamonds. In the end we hope that customers will find that Guildhall does the legwork for our clients. We hope to simplify the diamond-buying process in order to make the diamond market more accessible to families all over the world.