Average Investment Diamond Appreciation

On average we see strong annual returns on investment-grade color diamonds.

Darren V. Long, Senior Analyst - Guildhall

Return on Investment

In an effort to help investors truly appreciate the market value of color diamonds we have compiled a yearly average report on current annual gains. This research is based on public records from across the industry, including dealers, auction houses, sales to date and independent appraisals.


The type of return you can expect will depend on the particular natural fancy color diamond that you choose. To this end, Guildhall acquires diamonds that adhere to strict quality standards to ensure an excellent return on your investment. To maximize the profit potential of a color diamond the investor should consider this a long-term hold.

Had you owned a quality color diamond over the last ten years the return would have been exceptional. Below is a chart that compares the ten-year performances of color diamonds versus a variety of indices.

Color Diamond VS. Major Indices Aug 2003 – Aug 2013


Examples of Color Diamond Investments

Pink Chart

ROI= $451,202 over 20 years

Yellow Chart

ROI= $127,585 over 20 years

*Argyle Pink Diamonds sold at tender have outperformed major equity indices over the past decade and are worth up to 50 times the price of a comparable white diamond. – Rio Tinto, September 2013.

**Source: Yahoo Finance.

Note: This projection is based on the opinions and expertise of Guildhall pertaining to the color diamond market. The above projection is not and shall not be deemed to contain or represent any warranty, representations, valuations, or guarantee respecting the item(s) herein described. Please see disclaimer page for more information.