A Guildhall Colored Diamond must meet a strict set of criteria before it is even considered for acquisition. Our unwavering pursuit of excellence means every diamond must be of the absolute highest quality available, and above all else possess unmistakable allure.


Strict Acquistion Criteria

A Guildhall color diamond has been set against very strict acquisition criteria. This is because Guildhall personally invests in the diamonds it displays to clients. Therefore, every natural fancy color diamond selected to be part of the collection must be exceptional. Each diamond is scrutinized, carefully chosen, and appraised by diamond experts at Guildhall to ensure it qualifies as the finest investment-grade color diamond.

Each color diamond is rare, incomparable and a special find. When it comes to selecting the perfect color diamond, let Guildhall experts show you our collection and “let the diamond pick you”.

Exquisite Color

All of the 4 C’s are important. Color however is the first factor that we consider at Guildhall Diamonds. Finding natural fancy color diamonds with the most strength of color is at the core of our pursuit. The more saturated the color, the rarer and thus more valuable the diamond is. The strength of color must be considered in connection with the overall rarity of each particular color as well. Red diamonds are considered the most rare, followed by orange and violet. This does not mean that colors like blue, green and pink are easy to find, though they are considered less rare. Yellow diamonds of intense and vivid grades continue to become more difficult to find.

Finest Cut

Guildhall seeks out diamonds that have been fashioned by only the most skilled cutters and polishers. These cutters have the ability to bring out more than just scintillation; they uncover the ultimate color. Good cut reveals symmetry, proportion and style. A quality cut with good proportions will maximize the predominant hue while capturing the most sparkle, brilliance and fire.

A Guildhall Color Diamond

Inspecting a natural fancy color diamond

Highest Clarity

We take great pride in seeking the highest clarity grades possible for each color category. Color diamonds with higher clarity grades are most difficult to acquire and are increasingly rare. Our unwavering commitment to acquiring diamonds with the highest clarity ensures only the finest diamonds are added to our collection.

Carat Weight

The carat weight of a diamond will determine its value when all the other criteria is met. There is a minimum carat weight standard for every color that ensures a diamond is investment-grade. The carat weight is carefully considered with each acquisition to ensure optimum value.