About Us

About Us.

Guildhall specializes in catering to the needs of both the diamond investor as well as the discerning individual looking for the unique beauty of color diamonds. With access to unparalleled resources and expertise, Guildhall is a trusted partner to global investors and collectors.

Guildhall sources and supplies exclusive and beautiful investment-grade natural fancy color diamonds available worldwide. Guildhall serves its clientele with a recognized dedication to excellence and attention to detail by offering the Guildhall Color Diamond collection. Guildhall is a member of the NCDIA, FCRF, and BBB.

For those with the most discerning and elegant tastes, Guildhall showcases a true combination of knowledge and exquisite quality selection of color diamonds. Guildhall delivers to its clients a personalized consultation and selection of diamonds that are carefully chosen from the finest cutters and polishers in New York and Tel Aviv.

Guildhall not only provides access to many exclusive diamonds, but also superior pricing for value, offering timeless quality and value to the most discerning investor and collector.

The selection of natural fancy color diamonds is comprised of unique, one-of-a-kind diamonds that can be purchased in loose form or in custom designed jewellery called Wealth to Wear©.

As a family managed firm prepared to serve our clientele for multiple generations, Guildhall stands behind all diamonds in the collection, becoming your partner in making a profitable and enduring investment.

About Guildhall Diamonds Inc.