Guildhall Customer Reviews

Your education, service and dedication to your customers is superb! Diamond investing is not something that I thought I would ever do so it was great to find a company that cares and does the right thing. You will have my business for a long time to come.

David K.

In the spring of 2011, I became a client of Guildhall. Having heard the crew speak on the radio, I instinctively knew I needed to find out more.

You should know that I am ultra-conservative. Stocks are out of my realm, and GICs are the only investment I’d ever made. So, to purchase diamonds was a giant leap of faith.

The people at Guildhall took my hand and patiently and carefully introduced me to the world of diamonds. Contrary to my usual investment fears, I now became armed with information and knowledge. The verification of the value of these exquisite diamonds – for Guildhall purchases only the absolutely finest – was solid and thorough.

I can ask questions anytime I wish with a quick and extremely thorough response. I knew I was in good hands and was given personalized treatment. This was not the usual ‘push’ to purchase as financial advisors usually do. This was the real thing.

My fears were completely quelled and now I am the proud owner of some exquisite diamonds, which will absolutely bring me back incredible returns – especially in this volatile economy. And I can even enjoy wearing these diamonds if I should so choose. A win-win!

Thank you, Guildhall, for never minding my endless questions. I am in good hands and I look forward to future purchases.


We are delighted to own a color diamond, and working with Nicole Snitman on this transaction made it a smooth process.

Thomas and Viera S

When I look at potential investments, preservation of principal is the most important aspect. That is the primary reason why I invested in a color diamond with Guildhall Diamonds. I can’t think of a better investment that provides such a high return with so little risk.

Joseph Y

The market in color diamonds can be tough to navigate. However, I have made several color diamond purchases from Guildhall Diamonds and in each case the quality, selection and service was excellent. I have viewed several different companies and product and found that Guildhall is the most competitive option available when it comes to owning an investment like natural color diamonds. I recommend their company and plan to continue doing business with them in the future.

Andy S

For the past four years, Darren Long has been my regular contact for all of my color diamond purchases. During these years, I have valued his advice and service. I am widowed and making smart financial decisions is a much more difficult thing to do at my age. Darren’s support has helped to carry me through a sea of very difficult investment choices and a most difficult time. Thank you for making it so easy.

E Mobbs

I found Nicole’s incredible depth of knowledge about color diamonds was matched by her genuine desire to educate and share that with others. She really is an expert. The investment my wife and I made in a color diamond was something new for us and Nicole took the time to cover everything you need to know without being overwhelming or complex. I heartily recommend this investment, Guildhall Diamonds and Nicole Snitman.

Nathan E.