Darren V Long

Darren V. Long

Darren V. Long is Vice President of Sales at Guildhall Diamonds Inc as well as Senior Market Analyst. Darren is a public speaker, writer and financial commentator on gold, silver, color diamonds and the economy. He can be heard weekly on “The Real Money Show” discussing all facets of the precious metal and color diamond markets. He is the founder and contributing author to the “Precious Metals Advisor” one of the industry’s leading epublications.

Darren’s extensive background in both investment and management spans over 13 years and his expertise in the acquisition, management and storage of color diamonds and bullion is extensive. Darren carries a wealth of knowledge in understanding the relationship between wealth management and the insurance of wealth using hard assets and he has spent hundreds of hours lecturing about the connection and importance of hard asset diversification in a family portfolio.

Darren currently serves on the 12 member panel of experts for Redwood Wealth Canada as their hard asset specialist, specifically offering expert advice to high and ultra high net-worth families around the world.