Nicole Snitman GIA D.G., A.J.P.

Nicole Snitman

Nicole Snitman is a GIA Diamond Grading Graduate and does the internal diamond grading and stone selection process at Guildhall. Nicole has been mentored by her father, Paul Wiseman, as well as established diamontaires and leaders within the diamond industry. As a proud Gemological Institute of America Alumni, Nicole is active within the community and continually learning about advances, industry trends and issues within the diamond sector ensuring that her colleagues and clients are knowledgeable about their investments and collections.

For over 20 years, Nicole has worked with her father learning all areas of the family diamond business from the ground up. Prior to joining the business in the early ‘90’s, she worked in the technology sector playing a major role in establishing many public internet start-up companies.

Passionate about diamonds, fashion, luxury and design, Nicole Snitman enjoys sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm of Natural Fancy Color Diamonds, both as an investment and as jewelry.

As a guest speaker on the weekly radio show “The Real Money Show”, Nicole often reports on industry news, insights and general color diamond education.

Nicole is also the author of the blog “The Queen of Color Diamonds” queenofcolordiamonds.wordpress.com/writing about anything and everything to do with Natural Fancy Color Diamonds.