Mar 2, 2015

The Cut of Love for a Pink Diamond

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How do you turn a Good Diamond into a Great Diamond?

When Paul Wiseman, President of Guildhall Diamonds Inc. found this beautiful 0.42 Carat Fancy Intense Argyle Pink Heart Shaped VS2 diamond it was beautiful enough but it didn’t quite meet the Guildhall standard of excellence. According to Paul,

” The diamond had a very small chip on the girdle which in my mind wouldn’t do, not to mention the inclusion could impact the durability of the diamond.”

As a result we had our cutter in New York re-cut and polish the stone.

“We took the stone from a .46 carat weight o .42 carats. What the diamond lost in carat weight was gained in perfection.”

Paul adds. And as a result of the re-cut it ended up getting a high appraisal value of $152,000

The diamond is absolutely dazzling. It has a fantastic strawberry pink hue, the proportions of the heart are just beautiful and of course with all diamonds selected at Guildhall, it has a high clarity grade for its color grade. The fact that this is an Argyle Pink only adds value for any buyer.

Pink Heart Shaped Diamonds are a collectors dream because the color and the cut compliment one another so perfectly.

This diamond is currently selling for $98,795.

Pink Diamonds from 2005 – 2015 have appreciated 341.3%

Intense Aryle Pink diamonds like this 0.42 Carat Heart Shaped VS2 Intense Argyle Pink could easily fetch approximately 18-20% per annum.