Sep 30, 2016

The Color Diamond Man-gagement Ring

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With same sex marriage finally gaining acceptance, and equality becoming the norm it is little wonder that the man-gagement ring is on the rise.

Why should traditional brides get all the fun?  

When a man proposes to another man, does he give him a plain old boring wedding band or should he give the man of his dreams a blinged-out magnificent shiny rock?  

Well, a diamond is the greatest symbol of enduring love and romance – but a color diamond takes it to an entirely new level.

“A natural fancy color diamond is a rare find and it definitely says to the world, I am an individual, with tremendous taste says Nicole Snitman, Vice President of Guildhall Diamonds.

Brides and grooms nowadays are showing their individuality more than ever. They don’t want to have the cookie cutter traditional solitaire that everyone else has.  Though a solitaire ring is extremely classic, there is something so incredibly special and unique about the traditional setting or a very modern setting but with a pop of color.

A natural fancy color diamond from Guildhall Diamonds means you are investing in pure luxury.  You are purchasing the absolute best color grade, clarity grade and cut possible.  As a matter of fact, diamonds of this calibre will only go up in value year after year.

So why would you give your groom anything less than pure perfection with the upside of enduring value and financial gains?

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