Jan 5, 2015

Natural Fancy Color Diamond Recycling

By   Nicole Snitman, GIA, D.G.     |   Category: Diamond, The Guildhall Color Diamond Advisor


With more and more of the public becoming aware of their carbon footprint, it only makes sense to look to our investments as well in terms of global impact. Diamonds are the original organic, all natural product but recycling diamonds is one of the best ethical decisions that can be made for the environment.

The term “diamond recycling” essentially means that the diamonds that were previously purchased have re-entered the market. According to diamond industry analyst Paul Zimnisky , this has been happening more often lately and looks as though it will continue.

When someone re-introduces a diamond into the market there is zero impact to the environment making them very desirable to many ethically minded investors. While natural fancy color diamond collectors and investors are more likely to hold onto color diamonds longer, there is a propensity for some investors to sell early due to the relatively new investment growth realized with these rare stones. The primary fundamentals of color diamond investing being diminishing supply and heightened demand appeals to investors but it is also what may propel investors to sell a bit sooner than anticipated and therefore these diamonds will enter the market adding to the sourcing viability for interested buyers.

“We see color diamond re-sales from time to time at Guildhall” says Jeremy Wiseman, Vice President of Guildhall Diamonds Inc., “ when a diamond client wants to sell his or her diamond we market the diamond just as we would a new acquisition. It is essentially a recycled Guildhall diamond as we are re-selling a diamond that we originally sourced and sold.”

Though diamond recycling accounts for a mere fraction of the color diamond supply and does not impact pricing per se, it is nice to know that not only do people buy natural fancy color diamonds because of their beauty, rarity and investment potential but also for the peace of mind that this investment can be one of the most ethical and kind investments for the planet.

When re-selling your natural fancy color diamonds, be sure the diamond has the accompanying grading report, independent appraisal and has been purchased through an ethical company who is preferably is a member of the NCDIA.