Jul 13, 2015

Featured Investment Diamond | 0.26 Carats Vivid Argyle Purplish Pink Radiant Cut VS2

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0.26 Carats Vivid Argyle Purplish Pink Radiant Cut VS2

“Owning a Vivid Argyle Pink diamond is like winning the lottery of investments”.

– Paul Wiseman, President of Guildhall Diamonds Inc.

Our featured investment diamond offers the most magnificent pink. It has a raspberry hue in the highest color grade possible. Being a vivid purplish pink brings immediate value to the diamond. In fact, this diamond has so many attributes that make it a fantastic investment opportunity, it’s quite remarkable.

Let’s start with the color. The diamond contains approximately 15-30% purple within the pink diamond. This modifying color increases the value since Purple diamonds are one of the rarest colors. The fact that this diamond is a Vivid Pink only makes the diamond unequivocally rare.

When it comes to investing in Natural Fancy Color Diamonds, the more color a diamond exhibits, the more the value and since you can’t get any more saturation than with a vivid grade, you end up with the best of the best. Add in that this diamond is certified Argyle with an accompanying certificate and you have major investment appeal.


Argyle Pink diamonds are in such high demand that to find a VS quality diamond is somewhat like looking for a needle in the world’s largest haystack.diamond_inhaystack50

Investors looking to own high quality Argyle pink diamonds before the mine closes in the next few years has created global demand unlike anything we have seen in the last ten years.” says Wiseman.

Moving on to the cut, it gets even better. Radiant cuts, (usually reserved for Yellow diamonds) maximize the color the absolute best when it comes to all of the fancy cuts. This only emphasizes the extraordinary hue and with its even distribution of color and low fluouresence you have a dreamy diamond that our dealers often refer to as “money in the bank”.

To complete the picture of how this diamond may perform over the long term, let’s conclude with the diamond’s beautiful finish with gorgeous brilliance and fire. The diamond has been fashioned with “good” symmetry and the highest clarity grade of VS2 which is considered near perfection for a Pink diamond (Pinks do not form into Flawless or Internally Flawless naturally).

We believe this diamond could easily fetch 20-25% per annum. For more information, including the Independent Appraisal, please contact your diamond specialist at Guildhall Diamonds Inc.

This diamond is listed at $70,000. We do not anticipate this diamond being available for very long. Please get in touch today. 1-866-274-9570 | 905-305-8422