Feb 3, 2014

GIA Launches New Look for Diamond Grading Reports

By   guildhalladmin     |   Category: The Guildhall Color Diamond Advisor, Trending


It’s a new year and a new look for the GIA Diamond Grading Reports.

According to GIA “The new reports have dimensions similar to the prior versions; they will consume less paper and other materials; and they have enhanced security features including a unique and durable proprietary paper. QR codes printed on each report will provide direct access to GIA’s online Report Check service, which allows clients and consumers to confirm the authenticity of GIA grading and identification reports with their smartphones.”

At Guildhall Diamonds Inc., we are always stressing to our clients the importance of having a GIA Grading Report to review the details of the diamond. We offer them on each and every diamond in our collection and you can view them on our website for each of our natural fancy color diamonds.

The new reports look great, and are just as easy to read. As always, we are very proud to work with GIA as they are the world’s authority on diamond grading.

For more information please visit GIA’s website.