Jun 17, 2015

The Golden Splendor“ Orange Brown Diamond at Tiancheng`s Hong Kong Jewelry Auction

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Tiancheng International’s jewelry and jadeite spring sale on June 14th in Hong Kong produced $38 million (HKD 300 million) demonstrating the strong demand in the Asian jewelry market of valuable ornaments.
Amongst the jadeite, rubies and diamonds sold at the sale was “The Golden Splendor” a 59.93-carat fancy deep orange-brown diamond ring which reportedly sold for $2.3 million against a pre-sale estimate of between $1.92 million and $2.44 million.

Wang Jie, the managing director of Tiancheng International, said, “We are delighted to see so many bidders participating in the auction. It was a testament of the robust jewelry auction market in Asia. Also notable is that we achieved 85.4 percent sold rate in the western jewelry section. The strong result demonstrates the continuous support of our buyers and all connoisseurs. We will continue to present exquisite treasures that are highly potential in collectible and investment value to all jewelry collectors in the autumn auction 2015.”