Jan 6, 2015

Investing Resolutions for 2015: Consider a Natural Fancy Color Diamond

By   Nicole Snitman, GIA, D.G.     |   Category: Diamond, The Guildhall Color Diamond Advisor


Typical new year resolutions include eating healthier, getting in more exercise, and spending more time with loved ones but what about financial resolutions? Many resolve to save more money, invest wiser or be more involved with their portfolios.

For those that have considered Natural Fancy Color Diamonds but have yet to take the proverbial plunge, 2015 is the time to take action. If you have been watching the color diamond market you have undoubtedly witnessed consistent price increases on a yearly basis. Unprecedented auction and tender winning bids have been achieved continually on the world stage with auction records continually being broken. Here at Guildhall, we have also witnessed strong ROI’s for our clients with smaller, more accessible investment-grade diamonds.

A 1.00 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond for instance could have been purchased for approximately $9,500 CDN in 2012 at Guildhall, while the same diamond was going for about $13,000 CDN in 2014. With more and more investors coming into the market and supply tightening it is obvious that prices will continue to rise. This 1.00 Carat Fancy Yellow could easily sell for $15,500 CDN later this year.
If one of your New Year resolutions is to achieve strong returns on investments, color diamonds provide the perfect investing vehicle.

• Strong performance records
• Consistent yearly returns
• Strong fundamentals
• No monthly fees or commitments

Trying to make money with traditional routes such as stocks or real estate will most likely continue to prove challenging with unstable economic and political upheaval in the global markets. No one wants a repeat of 2008 and no one wants to be caught off guard.

One of the strongest benefits to investing in Natural Fancy Color Diamonds is the unwavering price stability and track record. While most investment portfolios weakened in 2008, color diamonds saw unprecedented growth on the auction block and with savvy investors and collectors.

Don’t let another year go by without achieving your financial resolutions. If you purchased that 1.00 Carat Yellow in 2012 instead of watching it, you would have realized an increase in diamond value. Don’t sit by the sidelines and just watch and wait this year. Make this the year you take that first step and become a color diamond investor.

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