Jul 2, 2014

A Magical Find: A 0.31 Carats Vivid Yellowish Orange Pear Cut Diamond

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0.31 Carats Vivid Yellowish Orange Pear Cut VS1

The Hunt for an Orange Diamond:

The hunt for a Yellowish Orange began for Nicole Snitman, our in house Diamond Grading Expert well over a year ago.

Orange diamonds are so rare and exotic, I had to find one.” said Nicole

Determined to find an orange, Nicole had 3 requirements.

1. It had to have a beautiful orange hue. It had to be bright and have a lot of orange in it.
2. It had to have some yellow in it so it could be affordable
3. It had to be meet the Guildhall Standard of Excellence.

You can imagine the sheer delight when Nicole saw a beautiful 0.31 Carats Fancy Vivid Yellowish Orange VS1 Diamond at the JCK Show in Las Vegas last month. After examining the diamond and GIA Grading Report, she knew she had to acquire it for the Guildhall Collection – and so she did.

“This diamond will fit into any investor or collector’s portfolio as a shining example of a beautiful, rare and exciting investment at a very reasonable price point.” adds Nicole

The color, like an inside of an orange is beautifully framed within the elegant Pear Shape Brilliant Cut. Orange-and-almond-srping-cake-hero-58d07750-0952-47eb-bc41-a1ef9b81c01a-0-472x310

Strength of Color:

Another reason we love this diamond is because of the high saturation of color within the diamond, being a Vivid graded diamond.

Strength of color is one of the most important factors when determining the value of a natural fancy color diamond. The value of a natural fancy color diamond increases with the intensity of the most prominent color within the diamond.