Feb 2, 2016

Pink Diamonds for Valentine’s Day

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Pink diamonds are the quintessential symbol of love and romance.  Pink Investment-Grade diamonds, renowned for their concentration of wealth, rarity and beauty, are also a great love story for investors.

This Valentine’s Day when you tell her you love her, consider giving her a Natural Fancy Pink diamond to illustrate your love while investing in your future together.

Quality Investment-Grade Pink diamonds are very limited in supply, increasing their value immeasurably, particularly over the long-term.  Already worth twenty times the equivalent of a white diamond, industry experts are predicting substantial returns for those investing in Intense and Vivid VS diamonds in the coming years.

Argyle Pink diamonds in particular have risen to cult status with their exceptional gem-like hues and collector following due to their undeniable beauty and investment appeal.

The closing of the Argyle mine in 2018 will undoubtedly leave a fundamental gap in the industry seeing that this mine supplies the world with 90% of all Natural Fancy Pink diamonds while older mines continue to close and no new mines are slated for operation.

At Guildhall, we recommend starting your diamond investment as soon as you can, before prices are pushed to an all time high from the decreased supply and increased demand.

With a stunning collection of the finest Investment-Grade Pink diamonds to choose from, we will personally help you find the perfect diamond for the one you love.  Whether loose or set in jewelry, your sweetheart will be thrilled receiving a Pink diamond this Valentine’s Day.

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