Jun 10, 2015

A Yellow Diamond Masterpiece

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gold frame

1.03 Carats Vivid Yellow Heart Shape IF Diamond

Collector’s Diamond:

“This (vivid) diamond meets all the criteria to be considered not only an investment diamond, but a diamond that would sit perfectly in any serious collector’s collection.”

– Paul Wiseman, President Guildhall Diamonds Inc.

We typically see Yellow diamonds in radiant and cushion shapes because these cuts have a tendency to hold and maximize color the best. Maximum color is what makes for a strong investment. When we come across a natural fancy color diamond with a unique shape we get even more excited because we know that these are exceptionally rare. This is the case with this magnificent Vivid Yellow Heart shaped diamond that we have just acquired.

This diamond has been fashioned into a miniature masterpiece! The result is an elegant and romantic heart shaped diamond with spectacular color, magnificent brilliance, fire and scintillation. The diamond has been polished with the highest pedigree and given an “excellent” polish grade by GIA.

The combination of maximum color and unusual cut is extremely rare and come with a premium value in the market. This was a must have for Guildhall and we believe it will be a prize for any color diamond collector.

This diamond is priced at $45,000 CDN and has been appraised at a value of $75,000 CDN.

Hofer Letter:

This vivid yellow heart shaped diamond comes accompanied with a Stephen C. Hofer Letter. This means that this diamond has been deemed “An Important Diamond”.

This is an important document that travels with the diamond. It provides a thorough explanation of the color presented in a simple format that enables any collector, investor or dealer to locate the information that interests them most.

The Letter provides the basic data necessary to identify the diamond, including the weight, measurements, shape and style of cut. It may also provide additional information about the three basic elements of color: hue, lightness, and saturation. Plus, many other topics such as: beauty: rarity, history, common color names, how the shape outline, proportions, and facet pattern affect the perceived face-up color, and in some instances a brief discussion of the color origin.