Oct 1, 2015

NCDIA Launches Color Diamond Conference Series

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NCDIA Conference Series

As proud members of the The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) we are always interested in learning as much as we can in order to share with our valued customers.

Recently, NCDIA kicked off a series of conferences that will be touring around the globe in an effort to build consumer awareness about color diamonds in the market.

The series will begin in New York this month and travel to Mumbai  covering such topics as “rarity and value” and “natural pink diamonds”.  Then off to a conference at the Israel Diamond Institute in Ramat Gan in November.  Additional meetings are planned for Australia, London, Hong Kong and Antwerp discussing such topics as natural versus synthetic diamonds and retailing with color.

The NCDIA stated that “the high attendance at the inaugural conferences offered proof that natural color diamonds are becoming increasing popular among the industry, however there is a lack of awareness at all levels of the supply chain.”