Oct 17, 2015

Researching Natural Fancy Colour Diamonds

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Natural fancy colored diamond

Researching Natural Fancy Colour Diamonds

Guildhall Diamonds understands that investing in natural fancy color diamonds will be new for many people. Prudent investors will and should want to research the market. Researching natural fancy colour diamonds is harder than it seems.

The internet is usually everyone’s first stop. After all, in the ever increasing world of the web Google and YouTube have become the go-tos for the how-tos on an infinite number of subjects.  Unfortunately, when it comes to colour diamonds, the internet is filled with a lot more misinformation than valid information.  Though this is changing, slowly. Colour Diamonds have a reputation of being the “best kept secret”. Want to crack the code? Follow these guidelines for researching natural fancy color diamonds and you will quickly not only become your own expert, but you will be able to make better investment decisions.

1. Learn The Basics

When beginning your research on natural fancy colour diamonds, it is important to  know your 4 Cs. Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight. If you are going to understand the value of a colour diamond you will need to first understand how quality and rarity relate. You will need to understand these four universal basics for all diamonds. The Gemology Institute of America has an article on just this subject.

2. Find A Good Quality Colour Diamond

Now that you know the basics, try to find a real colour diamond in person. Nothing will beat this hands on research.  Color diamonds have become increasingly popular in the last five years so many jewelry stores have a few pieces. It may seem intimidating for some to enter a high-end jewelry store, but everyone is welcome to look around. Most jewelry associates will happily show you particular pieces and discuss the qualities and prices of the diamonds that they offer. What you are trying to discover is how readily available are colour diamonds? More importantly, how readily available are good quality colour diamonds?

 3. The Best Of The Web

So you know the basics and you have tried to seek out a quality color diamond. By now you are probably appreciating just how rare an investment-grade colour diamond is. Lets look at the internet so that your can use your time usefully and get the best of the web. There are a growing number of blogs on diamonds and jewelry. Most of them tend to focus on actress’ engagement rings, red carpet photo-ops, and the occasional record-breaking auction post. While this content may be fun it probably will not help you make an investment decision. You will also come across colour diamond dealer sites. These types of sites often feature an endless array of colour diamonds with a wide range of quality and prices. These sites can be overwhelming, even for an expert.  If you have not decided to own a colour diamond, these sites will be of little use.

You can also go to the Christie’s and Sotheby’s websites to view upcoming auctions that include natural fancy colour diamonds. These sites also have auction records. Guildhall diamonds has compiled a list of the record breaking color diamonds since 2008. Feel free to ask us about it.

4. Best Reads

You will not find any specific books on natural fancy colour diamonds. There are basically three major books written in depth on this subject. They are not widely published, so they are often coveted like the diamonds discussed within.  I have posted them here and hope you are one of the lucky few to find a copy:


Doing research is not about finding a chart, it’s about finding the find. It’s about gaining the hands-on experience and answering the question, how rare is a quality colour diamond? By seeking out quality colour diamonds I hope you will discover how rare an internally flawless yellow or VS1 pink diamond actually is. Colour diamond buyers that do this kind of research start to recognize that quality and rarity go hand in hand. Guildhall Diamonds only sell colour diamonds that are of the absolute highest quality. Our products are incredibly rare and we encourage potential buyers to seek out diamonds of similar quality. We know this is a tough task as we partake in it everyday. Through this process, you will be surprised to see how much you come to learn and appreciate natural fancy colour diamonds. You may even decide you want one for your very own…

Jeremy Wiseman